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Quality and Service

Quality and Service

Trust Brisbane Commercial Solar to take care of your energy needs. We will be your committed and trusted partner through the solar process.

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Commercial Showcase

With over 100 commercial projects, we have extensive experience in Commercial Solar. Feel free to browse through our handiwork. 

Design Options

We will provide leading design options for your business. We will always find a solution for your business space no matter how big or small.

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Finance Available

With different finance options available, there has never been a better time for your business to consider renewable energy. 

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Brisbane Commercial Solar is here for you!

Brisbane Commercial Solar is dedicated to renewable energy. We want all businesses, big or small, to enjoy renewable energy at an affordable price. We believe in delivering high quality solar systems with exceptional service. From the initial consultation and planning, all the way through to installation, we will guide you through the entire solar process seamlessly. Our support continues all the way through the life of your solar system with regular servicing options available. Start your commitment to renewable energy with Brisbane Commercial Solar today.

5 Star Service

Our service is the highest quality from the first consultation, through to continual monitoring and servicing of your solar system.

Value for Money

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your businesses energy requirements. We will only recommend systems that meet your energy needs. Our guarantee is that we will provide you with an affordable, high-quality system that will provide financial benefits long-term.

High Quality Systems

Take comfort knowing your commercial solar system is high quality. We only use leading brands ensuring you get the most out of your investment in renewable energy.

Where We Started


Gold Coast Energy

Gold Coast Energy started in 2008. Our directors had the vision of providing clean, renewable energy to all homeowners at an affordable price. We have continued this vision by extending our business into the Brisbane area with Brisbane Commercial Solar. We are dedicated to providing high quality solar systems to both homeowners and businesses within our area. Know that when you're choosing Brisbane Commercial Solar, you're choosing over 10 years of experience, high-quality systems, and expert financing. Let us do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of having a reliable and renewable energy source for you and your business.

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