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Brisbane Commercial Solar Services | BCS


We provide flexibility with scheduled services that ensure your system operates at its maximum capacity year-round. Our extensive service involves full inspection of electrical components, examining historical data and carrying out necessary repairs if required. We can also provide a thermal imaging survey which can help identify faults that can develop within solar modules.

Brisbane Commercial Solar Services | BCS


BCS provides our commercial clients with a monitoring service on all solar installations. This gives you the freedom to assess how their solar system is performing 24/7. Our monitoring service allows the monitoring of your system to happen remotely. This ensures your system is always performing at maximum capacity.

Brisbane Commercial Solar Services | BCS


It is important to have cleaning processes in place on any commercial solar solar system. Frequent cleaning ensures that built-up dirt, grime or dust does not impact negatively on your solar system’s performance. Performance can increase up to 30% with regular professional cleaning. 

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About Brisbane Commercial Solar

5 STAR Service

Our service is the highest quality from the first consultation, through to continual monitoring and servicing of your solar system.

high quality systems

As leading Brisbane commercial solar installers, you can take comfort knowing your commercial solar system is high quality. We only use leading brands ensuring you get the most out of your investment in renewable energy.

Value for money

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your businesses energy requirements. We will only recommend systems that meet your energy needs. Our guarantee is that we will provide you with an affordable, high-quality system that will provide financial benefits long-term.

Brisbane Commercial Solar Services | BCS

Energy Storage

Battery storage solutions are still developing technology within the solar industry. Significant advancements have been made and viable solutions are now available for businesses. Storing surplus energy instead of distributing it to the grid can have positive benefits on your electricity bills.

Brisbane Commercial Solar Services | BCS

System Capacity Increases

Expanding your business should have a positive impact. Without investing in your businesses electrical supply,  the excess electrical demand expansion incurs can be detrimental. We can expand your current system to the appropriate size. Expansion options also includes applications to the local supply authorities and the merging of the new and existing system.

Brisbane Commercial Solar Services | BCS

Design and Specification Assistance

We can provide an expert opinion on new building developments. BCS regularly assists architects and engineers with solar specifications for new building developments. We provide expert opinions on your designs prior to the tender process. This includes potential array locations, module/inverter specifications and inverter locations.

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